Portraits with Character in Soft Pastel - Zoom Course

3 Week Online Course in Soft Pastels (anyone can take part regardless of location).
3 sessions 11am-1pm (French Time) Friday 13th, 20th & 27th October.
This course looks at 'older' portraits and capturing the character and personality of the sitter. Over the years I have been obsessed with studying my Mum as a subject for my art work (her face has so much expression and character).
This is a 3 week course. You will be led by me through pre-prepared demo videos, as well as see the stages of my own work in progress, as I develop this alongside you.
You will learn about the proportions of the face and getting a 'good likeness'; various pastel painting techniques (including how to layer and blend with colour); how to achieve skin tones; how to create the texture of skin and the lines and creases of the face; and how to refine your finished portrait.
The course can be differentiated to suit different abilities but some experience in drawing from observation is desirable. A knowledge of soft pastels is also useful but not essential.
You will need: a set of soft pastels and/or pastel pencils, and some pastel paper (e.g. Canson Mi-Tientes Touch)