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“What a fabulous day. Thank you so much for a very professionally presented day. I feel I progressed greatly and all the ideas/techniques were so helpful and allowed me to produce a very satisfying piece of work. Thank you again”

“I very much enjoyed Mary’s workshop, and can highly recommend her as a teacher. I am an artist and art teacher myself (though a very rusty one in this genre), but found Mary very engaging and the workshop really useful. Myself and the other students had all differing levels of knowledge and experience, but Mary managed to accommodate and help us all. She is a natural educator who is very observant and responsive to her students’ needs and learning styles, plus good fun company. Today was not only educational but a hoot! Looking forward to the next one!”

“Informal but well-structured content designed to build confidence and help you improve. I enjoyed everything about this workshop”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day. I learnt so much and feel I now have the confidence to carry on having a go. If anyone gets the chance to do a workshop with Mary, grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it!”

“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring day and great company. Definitely worth doing a workshop with Mary, a super teacher who I would love to learn more from.”

“What a lovely, interesting and insightful day we had. I arrived a complete novice in portraiture of any kind, but left with confidence brimming and an enthusiasm for further challenges in this area”

"I went with absolutely zero experience, never used oils & no idea what to expect. My last art class was in 1971!!! (yep I'm that old).... I just fancied having a go...It was absolutely brilliant. Mary puts you at your ease & is so encouraging. Thank you so much....I think I'm hooked....cant wait for next Sunday's workshop"

"There was absolutely no pressure in this workshop. Very relaxed... lots of chat & laughter"

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