Art Workshops in Brittany

Duault 22160, Côtes d'Armor

Thank you for visiting my website. I am currently having renovations done to my art studio. My workshops will resume shortly. Please feel free to message me if you have a particular discipline/subject in mind for future workshops.....or just to express an interest/join my mailing list. Hope to see you soon.

Merci d'avoir visité mon site internet. Des travaux de rénovation sont en cours dans mon studio d'art. Mes ateliers vont reprendre sous peu. N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message si vous avez une discipline ou un sujet particulier à l'esprit pour les prochains ateliers ..... ou simplement pour exprimer un intérêt / rejoindre ma liste de diffusion. A bientôt, j'espère.

My art workshops are run from my garden studio in small groups of just 4-6. I will share my experience as an artist and educator (I have a degree in Fine Art/Painting and have taught in secondary schools in the UK for over 24 years). The primary objective of my workshops is for you to have fun learning new skills in a friendly and non-threatening environment. My workshops are suitable for all abilities unless otherwise stated (as an experienced teacher I am well-versed in teaching mixed-ability groups and enabling students to work at a pace which is comfortable for them whilst making excellent progress).

Mes ateliers d'art sont dirigés depuis mon atelier par petits groupes de 4 à 6 personnes. Je partagerai mon expérience d'artiste et d'éducatrice (j'ai un diplôme en beaux-arts et en peinture et j'ai enseigné dans des écoles secondaires au Royaume-Uni pendant plus de 24 ans). L'objectif principal de mes ateliers est de vous amuser à apprendre de nouvelles compétences dans un environnement convivial et agréable. Mes ateliers conviennent à toutes les niveaux, sauf indication contraire (en tant qu'enseignant expérimenté, je suis très douée pour enseigner aux groupes de compétences variées et permettre aux étudiants de travailler à un rythme qui leur convient, tout en faisant d'excellents progrès).

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Below is a list of up and coming workshops. (If you have an interest in a particular workshop or group workshop not listed below, please contact me)

Please check availability before making your purchase.


Thursday 28th June 2018, 10am-4pm. All materials will be provided. 4-5 students max. Level: All (Please be aware that solvents will be used in this workshop)

Cost: 40€ FINISHED

During this workshop we will examine closely, the details, colours and shapes of organic forms (using a botanical approach to drawing and painting natural forms). We will will also use mixed-media, and examine the intricacies of 'Victorian-style' paintings, using gold leaf as a background, and oil paint as our medium for depicting an organic form (such as a single flower, seed pod, shell, etc....)

Thursday 5th July 2018, 10am-4pm. All materials will be provided. 4-5 students max. Level: All (Please be aware that solvents will be used in this workshop)

Cost: 40€ FINISHED

Explore the etching process using drypoint (acid-free) etching. Drypoint is an easy technique to get to grips with and and can produce some exciting and unexpected results. We will work from natural forms, and create a drawing that we will then transfer onto an acrylic plate prior to printing. I will demonstrate each stage of the process, the aim being to complete a series of finished prints by the end of the day. If time allows we will be able to experiment with integrating collage techniques into our final prints.

Check out this link for more information on the Drypoint Etching process:

Wed 11th & Thurs 12th July 2018, 10am-4pm.
All materials will be provided (but feel free to bring your own brushes if you prefer). 4-5 students max. Level: INTERMEDIATE (Please be aware that solvents will be used in this workshop)

Cost: 80€ for the 2 days FINISHED

During this workshop we will examine 'Icons' (an Icon is traditionally a religious work of art for concentrating devotion and prayer. The artwork usually takes the form of a painted figure or face set against a gold background, the gold representing heaven or the deity). This workshop will concentrate on transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and timeless. This is a genre which has interested me for some time and I have recently embarked on my own series of modern day icon paintings. I now want to share this with you in a 2 day workshop where you will learn how to improve your drawing skills as well as learning new techniques of gilding (applying gold leaf) - day 1. On the 2nd day you will apply oil paint to your gold leaf panel and learn about colour mixing/application in relation to the human face. By the end of the 2 days you will have completed your own modern day icon (a portrait using oil paint and gold leaf). I will demonstrate at appropriate stages throughout the 2 day workshop, and will be available with advice and suggestions. This workshop is mainly aimed at participants with some experience of drawing/painting (though it is not necessary to have used oil paint previously).

“What a fabulous day. Thank you so much for a very professionally presented day. I feel I progressed greatly and all the ideas/techniques were so helpful and allowed me to produce a very satisfying piece of work. Thank you again”

“I very much enjoyed Mary’s workshop, and can highly recommend her as a teacher. I am an artist and art teacher myself (though a very rusty one in this genre), but found Mary very engaging and the workshop really useful. Myself and the other students had all differing levels of knowledge and experience, but Mary managed to accommodate and help us all. She is a natural educator who is very observant and responsive to her students’ needs and learning styles, plus good fun company. Today was not only educational but a hoot! Looking forward to the next one!”

“Informal but well-structured content designed to build confidence and help you improve. I enjoyed everything about this workshop”

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day. I learnt so much and feel I now have the confidence to carry on having a go. If anyone gets the chance to do a workshop with Mary, grab it with both hands, you won’t regret it!”

“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring day and great company. Definitely worth doing a workshop with Mary, a super teacher who I would love to learn more from.”

“What a lovely, interesting and insightful day we had. I arrived a complete novice in portraiture of any kind, but left with confidence brimming and an enthusiasm for further challenges in this area”

"I went with absolutely zero experience, never used oils & no idea what to expect. My last art class was in 1971!!! (yep I'm that old).... I just fancied having a go...It was absolutely brilliant. Mary puts you at your ease & is so encouraging. Thank you so much....I think I'm hooked....cant wait for next Sunday's workshop"

"There was absolutely no pressure in this workshop. Very relaxed... lots of chat & laughter"